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Chief Operating Officer

Jimmy Zabala

A seasoned, 23-year veteran of international markets with deep experience in both developed and emerging markets, Zabala is a leader with a proven track record of overseeing Business Operations delivering profitable growth. His experience includes Latin America CFO in Schlumberger, Nestle and SAP. While at Biotronik, Zabala managed the Americas region for the only German manufacturer of heart pacemakers. He is a certified chartered accountant with a degree from Iowa State University.

Founder and Chairman

Michael Zabala, PhD

Dr. Zabala is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Auburn University. He is also the Director of the Auburn University Biomechanical Engineering Lab where his research focuses on human performance and injury prevention. Dr. Zabala graduated from Auburn University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and from Stanford University with a Master’s degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Prior to joining faculty at Auburn, Dr. Zabala spent three years consulting and providing expert witness testimony in the field of Injury Biomechanics at Exponent, Inc.

Co-Founder, VP of Product

Jacob Larson

Jacob is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in mechanical engineering at Auburn University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and honors designation from Valparaiso University. His area of specialty is programming, mesh generation and optimization, and digital platform management. Jacob has extensive experience with model creation and programming, with over 8 years of experience coding, and dozens of completed projects in the fields of research, academia, business, and industry.

Co-Founder, Head of Additive Manufacturing and Supply Chain Logistics

Kyle Castellano

Kyle is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering at Auburn University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology from Kennesaw State University, formerly Southern Polytechnic State University, and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Auburn. His area of specialty is engineering design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Kyle has extensive knowledge in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and computer aided engineering. He has been using computer aided design software for over ten years and holds the Certified SolidWorks Professional License. He is an expert when it comes to implementing the engineering design process to solve complex problems in a timely manner.

Our Story

We’re sports fans. And engineers. In fact, our founding team runs the biomechanical engineering lab at Auburn University. Our story started with a request from Auburn Athletics to help develop technology to modernize the creation of protective gear for Auburn football players. Players and athletic trainers were so impressed we outfitted players at virtually every position on the field over the next two seasons and also developed custom-fitted gear for women’s soccer, basketball, and other sports on campus. Word quickly spread to other campuses, and today, we not only deliver custom gear to schools and professional teams across the country but have also created toolkits for in-house printing for athletic departments and orthopedic clinics. We’ve spent years researching and perfecting the optimal combination of materials, processes, and 3D printer settings and are proud to create perfectly tailored performance for athletes at all levels across the country.

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