Bringing Awareness to Custom-Fit Potential in Athletics


XO Armor is a startup company that has quickly gained recognition and success in the athletic industry. In just two years, the company has grown from an idea in a laboratory to a thriving startup with numerous football team clients and several research and development opportunities in the works. The company's journey began by advertising directly to football athletic trainers, who were the first to recognize the potential of XO Armor's technology. The athletic trainers used the XO Armor smartphone scanner app to scan the specific body part of an athlete who needed a guard, and then submitted the scan to XO Armor. The company's employees then processed the scan and sent the file back to the facility's 3D printer, where the athletic trainers could have their custom-fit guards ready in a short amount of time.

XO Armor's innovative approach to athlete protection quickly caught on, and with the help of the company's sales team, XO Armor began to expand its presence in the athletic world. Today, XO Armor's technology can be found in the training facilities of many well-known football teams, including Auburn, Clemson, LSU, University of Arkansas, University of Florida, Michigan State, University of Miami, University of Texas – San Antonio, West Virginia, and Penn State, as well as several NFL teams such as the New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, and Seattle Seahawks.

Aside from braces in response to injury, XO Armor now offers custom-fit pads for various sports that serve to prevent injury. The company's product line includes custom-fit shin guards, shoulder guards, rib guards, and thigh guards, with many more options soon to come. The goal of XO Armor is to improve athlete safety in all sports and demonstrate that 3D Printing technology is the future of athletic injury prevention.

As XO Armor continues to grow and expand, the possibilities for the company are endless. The company is currently well-known in the B2B market, but it is also rapidly growing in the individual consumer space. XO Armor is dedicated to improving athlete safety and proving that 3D Printing technology is not only helpful after an injury has already occurred, but is the key to preventing athletic injuries in the future. With XO Armor's innovative approach and dedication to athlete safety, there is no doubt that the company will continue to be a leading player in the athletic industry for years to come.