Soccer Tournaments

One of the most important steps when expanding a business into a new market or introducing a new product is to identify customers and discover what consumers will be interested in. Before 2022, XO Armor had been exclusively selling to college or professional sports teams. Because of the success in our current product offerings, we did not want to limit our products in this way forever. We believe in our technology so much that we want to ensure that athletes of all levels have access.


Our shin guards were already loved by college athletes, so we believed that youth and adult athletes at all levels would love them as well. Therefore, it was the most logical step to offer shin guards as our first product to the individual consumers. The next step was to find a way to make our product known to potential customers.

We found the answer in soccer tournaments. Soccer tournaments are extremely popular all over the country. Kids of all ages are competing almost every weekend. There are tournaments for people who love soccer as a hobby, and there are tournaments for people who want to play professionally.


Attending these events and selling our product has been a huge opportunity for XO Armor. The shin guards have received a very positive reaction from the families we meet at these events. Everyone loves the idea of custom-fit protective gear. Kids and parents are also really excited about 3D Printing!

We were able to establish an efficient strategy to promote at each event and feel confident in our ability to get our products in front of more people.


XO Armor will be attending more soccer tournaments in the future to continue learning and growing as a business. Follow us on Instagram at @xoarmor to keep up with where we’re going next!