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Our team of engineers will take your scan and create your custom fitted guards. You will receive your custom guards within 2 weeks.


Your training has never been one-size-fits-all, why should your protective equipment be?


Once you make a purchase on our website, you will receive an email with instructions for downloading our free iPhone app and a special link that allows you to get started on your scan!

Our estimated shipping time is between 1-2 weeks from the time you submit your scans.

We custom fit your guard by designing it using the 3D scan that you send us. When you receive your guard, you will notice that it matches the exact contours of your body. This feature makes your guard way comfortable and prevents it from moving around while you play.

To get started with your scan, open up our app and tap ‘Continue Online Order'. Then enter the email and zip code associated with your order. Find and click on your order and click 'Start New Scan', There will be a short tutorial explaining how to scan. Have your shins in a vertical position with any pants or socks rolled away from the scanning area. As you get ready to scan, click the circle at the bottom and it will give you a 3 second countdown to put your phone into position. Then, starting at one side of the leg, and keeping your leg very still, hold the phone with the selfie camera facing the shin about 1 foot away, and move in a slow and smooth arc around the leg. It should take about 5-7 seconds to do a single scan. Then click the button again to stop the scan. Make sure to look at your scan by moving it around with your finger by pinching, panning, and rotating. You want to make sure you capture the entire front section of your leg. Check to make sure there is no distortion of the scanned shin. Then click submit. You'll do the other leg the same way, and then you will do a final submission for your scans.

We print the exact shape that is drawn and submitted. Please double-check that what you are submitting is the shape and size that you want.

We want to provide the best experience for our customers and will work with you throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the finished product, please reach out to us and we can help redesign the shin guards or offer a refund.

We have 3 standard shin guard coverage outlines. These outlines represent the size of the shin guard. Think of it like a cutout piece of paper being the coverage outline, and then we “wrap” the shape to the exact contours of your leg. If you’re choosing to have a custom coverage outline, you will draw the full shape of the shin guard on your leg in the exact location you would like.

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