Perfectly Tailored Performance


Our free mobile app allows 3D scanning from anywhere in the world.

Strong, flexible, light

We use the strongest, most durable, lightweight and flexible materials for maximum protection and comfort.


Our patent-pending 3D printing process ensures your gear will be tailored to a body that's uniquely yours.

individual athletes

XO Prep

We create customized protective gear for athletes of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. XO Armor is engineered to fit every unique contour of your body. Choose your gear, scan your body, and we'll deliver customized protective equipment made specifically for you.

College and Professional Teams

xO pro

XO Armor gives athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals an all-inclusive, in-house technology solution to create protective gear for athletes. From 3D scan to 3D print, protect your team on demand with the tap of a button using our all-in-one solution.

Team Physician, Auburn Football

Dr. Michael Goodlett

I was glad our wide receiver had the XO Armor brace on. He took a hit directly to the place he was hurt. If we didn’t have that one piece, we would have had two different pads, and I don’t think they would have protected him nearly as well. The brace obviously worked like a charm.”
Head Athletic Trainer-Football, Auburn University

Robbie Stewart, MS, ATC

The athletes like the feel and fit of the pads. The custom fit technology allowed the pads to be very inconspicuous under padding or clothing. I believe this technology is something that can be used at every level of athletics for prevention and protection from injury.

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